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The ECOPOLIS project endeavours to utilize relatable, real-world data from the city of Linz to create customized interactive scenarios that address climate policy. Specific climate-related issues were defined and/or confirmed through interviews with local politicians, and STEM-related content was identified with the assistance of middle school teachers. Based on this content, four specific scenarios were developed, each with its own interactive game module: a) temperature stress and heat in urban contexts; (b) severe weather events such as heavy rain, hail and floods and its damage on urban infrastructure; (c) mobility and energy use; and (d) climate-friendly consumption and sustainable lifestyles. The resulting online platform is intended to be used as a structured activity in participating schools with varying demographics (school type, socioeconomic factors, etc.) over a period of approximately four weeks. Each week will represent a six-year legislative period and feature one of the four defined scenarios. As the ECOPOLIS platform also contains survey and quiz functionality, a significant part of the evaluation methodology is already integrated into the activities.

The ECOPOLIS project pursues the following objectives:

  • Design transdisciplinary education materials that combine climate-related science, political education, and citizen responsibility
  • Collaboratively develop digital, interactive, game-based content for use in school settings
  • Employ a local/regional focus with real-world data and consideration of personal relevance
  • Collect relevant data regarding expectations, attitudes, and knowledge of the target group
  • Motivate interest and constructive involvement in the political process

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